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340B Split Bill

Maximize 340B savings while maintaining peak compliance

Cervey's 340B Split Bill software is a powerful compliance tool that helps your health system manage 340B virtual inventory.

With this web-based inventory solution that is tailored to fit your unique challenges, you can employ a simple workflow to maximize 340B savings, while retaining auditable records of dispense data and accumulations to maintain compliance.

Empower your buyers

with split preview. View critical cost-saving information prior to order transmission and:

  • View how your order will split to each purchasing account, all on one page
  • Be alerted to critical savings opportunities with alternative accumulations
  • Be notified to items nearing a full package, so you can make more informed purchase decisions
  • Prevent sizable WAC losses before it's too late

Quickly identify high-impact WAC losses

using detailed management reports.

Capture compound drug savings

with a special tracking feature that accumulates all unique ingredients in compounded drugs and piggybacks.

Eliminate the frustration of managing master NDCs

from your EHR. This solution accepts an indicator that differentiates scanned vs. non-scanned items to ensure the proper NDC is accumulated. Charge code maintenance is automated by linking items to the appropriate NDC based on purchase history.

Access the complete audit trail

from a single page where audit data is transparently presented and available for download.

Easily maintain a "crosswalk"

that links charge codes to NDCs. View outpatient and inpatient accumulator categories, edit billing units to align with your billing system, and review all dispensed doses.

Optimized self-audits

with a robust set of tools and a wide range of search parameters. Perform in-depth data review to ensure compliance, and store and track self-audit history.

View daily savings reports

that compare actual price paid with the same-day GPO price. The solution provides a complete picture of your total savings by fully accounting for all 340B and WAC purchase savings and loss effects.

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