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Document Imaging

Scan and digitize paper documents for better efficiency

Cervey’s Document Imaging solution is a powerful document management system that scans and digitizes incoming faxes and other paper documents for pharmacies, care facilities, PBMs, MBMs, insurers and other health-related organizations. The solution is written on a secure web platform that is accessible from any location with an internet browser.

Digitize incoming faxes

of prescriptions, clinical orders and other paper documents.

Automate workflow

for thousands of e-documents to forward them to the right people in the right process, with the right security.

Annotate e-documents

of multiple types with notes to physicians, pharmacists, recordkeepers, etc.

Easily integrate the solution

with existing EHR systems such as EPIC and Cerner and pharmacy systems such as QS1 and Framework.

Achieve HIPAA compliance

with built-in encryption that secures every document.

Improve staff efficiency

by automating previously manual tasks to reduce costly waste and errors. Monitor staff productivity in real time.

Get fast, accurate answers to customer questions

Find customers’ prescription status with one click. Get customizable alerts of order backups.

Make audits quick and easy

The system creates all documentation to complete audits and maintains a history of all actions.

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